Kate Goodall, Co-Founder and CEO
Karina Burger, Controller
David Corson , Events Director
Sun King Davis, Facilities Manager
Nicole Dowd, Program Manager, Halcyon Arts Lab
Yutaka Iijima, Program Intern, Halcyon Incubator
Andrew Jacobs, Advancement Associate
Janice L Kaplan, Writer and PR Strategist
Erin Knisley, Chief of Staff
Mike Malloy, Program Manager, Halcyon Incubator
Joshua Mandell, Director of Policy and International Programs
Megan Merchant, Program Coordinator, Halcyon Arts Lab and By the People
Dale Mott , Director of External Relations
Elaine Pinson, Advancement Strategist
Ryan Ross , Program Director, Halcyon Incubator
Virginia Shore, Artistic Director of Visual Arts, By the People
Septime Webre, Artistic Director of Performing Arts, By the People
Heet Ghodasara, Program Intern, Halcyon Incubator
Ellie Song, Events Intern