Howard Eisenberg

Howard Eisenberg is the founder of EuroSort Inc. and United Sortation Solutions (USS).   Both companies design, manufacture, and install automated material handling equipment for e-commerce, postal, and retail distribution customers. The companies were acquired, and Howard has recently exited.

In Howard’s high school yearbook his motto read “only those that attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible.”  This sentiment has guided him throughout his career. After college, Howard worked as a mechanical engineer and advanced through positions of varying responsibility including New Product Development, Manufacturing, Operations, and Project Management in a wide range of industries including microelectronics, electric vehicles, postal automation, and fiber optics.

As Howard’s experience has been at both small and large companies, as an employee and as an owner, at successful and unsuccessful ventures, across several industries, Howard has a breadth of insight and knowledge to be helpful to a wide range of startup opportunities. Howard has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Buffalo, an MS in Financial Management from Johns Hopkins University and an MS in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Stanford University. Howard and his wife live in Georgetown.  In his free time he enjoys Photography, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Skiing, and Travel.