Halcyon Arts Lab

Selection Criteria & Process

Selection Criteria & Process

  1. Applications will be vetted internally by Halcyon Staff & Alumni to ensure eligibility and application completeness.
  2. The Selection Committee will review applications and shortlist candidates for the interview stage.
  3. Short-listed candidates will be called for virtual interviews during which committee members can ask questions and learn more about the candidate’s practice and proposed project.
  4. Final selection: Following the application and interview phase, the selections committee will select the six national/international. Accepted fellows will be notified of their selection by early-June.

Halcyon uses three criteria to assess applications to the Halcyon Arts Lab.

  1. Artistic Excellence & Future Potential –
    Do the work samples exemplify strong technical ability and understanding of medium?
    Do its artistic qualities help to achieve its intended goal?
    Does the work demonstrate resourceful and sustainable processes?
  2. Innovation & Stickiness 
    Does the artist challenge the status quo by breaking away from established practices?
    Is it unique/disruptive?
    Is it memorable?
  3. Impact & Integrity
    Does the artist articulate a clear process for measuring impact of the work?
    How does the work demonstrate a meaningful relationship with community?
    Is the commitment to civic engagement, social justice, and/or community clear and compelling?

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