Some of today’s speakers have provided resources for learning more about their work and the topics covered in today’s programming. You can find those after each event on the agenda.

Build(Her) 2022 Agenda

9:30AM | Doors open

10:00AM | Welcome remarks
Max Peterson, Vice President, Worldwide Public Sector, AWS
Kate Goodall, Co-Founder and CEO, Halcyon

Additional resources from AWS:

10:10AM | Keynote
Marla Blow, President & COO, Skoll Foundation

10:25AM | Fireside Discussion: Entrepreneurship in Healthcare
The pandemic shed some light on the gross inequities in our healthcare systems. While the problems are complex many areas are ripe for disruption. Where are innovators and entrepreneurs in all sectors playing a role? What resources and shifts are needed? What are the biggest moonshots?
Maggie Carter, Global Lead, AWS Social Impact, AWS, moderator
Dr. Amelia Burke-Garcia, Program Area Director, Public Health, NORC at the University of Chicago
Arion Long, Founder and CEO, Femly

10:55AM | Networking break

11:05AM | Panel: Raise Like You Mean It
How to create a long-term plan for fundraising and stick to it, avoid common pitfalls, and even find it fun.
Dahna Goldstein, Chief Investment Officer, Halcyon, moderator
Melissa Bradley, Managing Partner, 1863 Ventures
Shelly Kapoor Collins, Partner, Sway Ventures/Founding General Partner, Shatter Fund
Stefanie Thomas, Founding Member & Investor, Impact America Fund

Additional resources from Melissa Bradley:

Additional resources from Stefanie Thomas:

12:00PM | Networking Lunch

1:05PM | Panel: The Bold and the Beautiful
Government and innovation aren’t antithetical. Hear from people forging new paths from within and alongside government.
William Eggers, Executive Director of Center for Government Insights, Deloitte, moderator
Phaedra Chrousos, Chief Strategy Officer, The Libra Group
Mignon Clyburn, Principal, MLC Strategies, LLC
Cori Zarek, Executive Director, The Beeck Center for Social Impact

Additional resources from William Eggers:

Additional resources from Cori Zarek:

1:55PM | Networking Break

2:05PM | Fireside Discussion: $3 million to $3 billion
How to get to growth stage and what to do when you get there?
Kate Goodall, Co-Founder and CEO, Halcyon
Karyn Smith, Chief Legal Officer, Snyk

2:35PM | Keynote
The Honorable Isabella Casillas Guzman, 27th Administrator, U.S. Small Business Administration

Additional resources:

2:50PM | Closing Remarks
Rebecca Wetherly, Director, Depth Consulting, Worldwide Public Sector, AWS
Kate Goodall, Co-Founder and CEO, Halcyon