Public Programming Webinar: Building Social Capital

December 6, 2022 | 10:00-11:00am EST

Social capital is the extent to which individuals have deep and meaningful interactions with others via membership in diverse social networks that contribute to one’s ability to thrive. It involves three ideas, social participation in networks, levels of trust within those networks, and the resources and benefits that are derived from social participation.  In business, social capital is important to business development and can drive access to resources for startups and small businesses. Startups that are grounded within networks of high social capital and that take advantage of those networks have higher rates of success. For minority women and nonbinary founders, the strength of their social capital is just as important as financial capital to entrepreneurial success.  Black women for example, often lack similar levels of access to social capital needed as business owners.

In this panel discussion, founders will hear from experienced entrepreneurs & business strategists and learn how to draw from their networks and beyond to build the social capital networks needed to thrive.