Ahmad Al-Kabbany

Ahmad Al-Kabbany is a researcher with over fifteen years of experience in technology research.

In 2019, Ahmad founded VRapeutic, a research-based software company that develops virtual reality-based therapeutic software for learning disorders in children and young adults. VRapeutic’s products have reached 500 users and established critical partnerships with prominent organizations worldwide, including UNICEF and the Ontario Brain Institute. In addition, Ahmad and VRapeutic’s promising team has led VRapeutic to conclude their first product clinical trials successfully.

Mr. Al-Kabbany earned his Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Ottawa in Canada, where he focused on enhancing user experience in virtual environments. Afterward, he worked as an engineering and computer science professor at various universities in Egypt. Ahmad has also kept an active research portfolio, as an author and reviewer, in areas relevant to VRapeutic’s scope of operation, including bio-signal processing and virtual reality-based training and habilitation.