Aida Kandil

Aida Kandil is an African impact-driven entrepreneur and CEO of MyTindy, a virtual platform changing how people buy and sell handicrafts. While Aida grew up in France and Canada, the entrepreneurial third culture kid has always had a special place for her homeland and its unique culture and artistic heritage.

After graduating from university in 2016, Aida spent three years working in digital marketing and e-commerce. She helped international brands like L’Oréal and LVMH build digital strategies, explored the world of drop shipping, and ran several successful online stores.

Aida left her successful digital marketing and eCommerce career in Canada to pursue meaning in impact-driven entrepreneurship. She moved back to Morocco to make a difference in the lives of the artisans who made the handicrafts she loved so much. In 2019, she co-founded with Chakib Yasmine, a venture inspired to provide equity in commerce for local artisans.