Amir Browder

Amir Browder is the curator, creative director and founder of Homme. He provides a platform for emerging artists of all disciplines with a focus of quality over quantity in the DC arts and creative scene. Amir started Homme at Anacostia Art Center in 2014. The space started to hold listening parties and curated events. It was transforming from a shop into an active, gathering place. Amir eventually migrated to a new location at 52 O St NW surrounded by more artists at a more centralized location.

Amir put in new furniture and did the grand opening in April of 2017. During that time, he also opened a Kiosk at DCA airport terminal C, which focused on men’s essential accessories from Local DC artisans. 2018 was the breakout year from amateur to professional based on the caliber of artists coming in and having a more cohesive message, design, and look on social media. Also, he completely renovated Homme from its 2017 opening and changed its experience to be more artist friendly and added many features such as gallery style lighting H Trak hanging system and a cleaner approach without changing the core of Homme.