Felicia Jackson

Felicia Jackson is the CEO and inventor of CPRWrap, a patented, award-winning CPR template that protects and guides non-medical responders during respiratory and cardiac emergencies. Felicia has over 20 years of experience in the medical field and worked as a physical therapist assistant for 10 of those years. In 2002, Felicia’s toddler son experienced a medical emergency in the back seat of their car. Felicia was trained in CPR but froze! Thanks to the quick actions of her husband, their son survived, but Felicia learned a valuable lesson and walked away with a new mission that became CPRWrap. Felicia is currently working hard to make CPRWrap accessible to everyone, so that performing CPR is less intimidating. “Emergency situations can cause panic and leave people unsure of how to help. I hope CPRWrap takes away that fear and in turn empowers people to save lives.”