Franc Kamugyisha

Franc Kamugyisha is the Founder and CEO of EcoPlastile. Franc is a member of numerous fellowships, including EarthTech, AfriTech XYZ, and E4IMPACT MBA. He has won many awards from Climate Launchpad, InsurTech Hackathon, Young Sustainable Impact Global Solutions for COVID-19, and more. Franc pioneered the manufacturing of reusable and biodegradable antiviral face masks from proprietary cotton embedded with copper oxide and silver nanoparticles. Before EcoPlastile, he served as a Director of Estates at Ibanda University.

Franc started his entrepreneurial journey when he was 15 with the selling of matooke to the less privileged in refugee host communities in Uganda. Today, he leads EcoPlastile, a social enterprise which allows slum dwellers to collect and use waste plastics as a form of financial resource in exchange for medical services.