Juan Pfeiffer

Born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia, Juan has embraced an adventurous and hands-on spirit since an early age. Following his family tradition, he pursued a degree in Mechanical Engineering and began his professional career in the energy industry. With over 12 years of global experience across three continents, Juan brings a wealth of expertise in both the public and private energy sectors. His achievements include supporting Indigenous communities in Canada to develop green energy projects through the AIGEDP, co-founding Optima Global Inc., a boutique community energy development consulting firm, and co-founding ACOSOL, the Colombian Solar Energy Association. These accomplishments underscore his passion and commitment to the energy transition. Throughout his career, Juan has played a pivotal role in advancing renewable energy development, showcasing his capacity to lead and innovate in the sector. As CEO and Co-Founder of SEOS, he now leads the mission to become the Amazon of energy transition, democratizing energy ownership in LATAM through a finance and technology platform that empowers individuals, communities, and microbusinesses to take control of their energy consumption and production, enabling a just energy transition for all.