Mackenzie Loy

Mackenzie Loy is founder of 2 social enterprise startups, Homemade in DC and The New Majority – both with a mission to close the racial and gender wealth gap through entrepreneurship and investing. Prior to founding The New Majority and Homemade in DC, Mackenzie worked in tech and innovation with a focus on business development and growth. She helped launch over 15 innovation programs for organizations ranging from non-profits to Fortune 500 and managed a portfolio ranging from 30-60 clients with recurring revenue over $1 million. She received her Bachelors from Tufts University in International Relations and Political Science and her Master of Public Policy and MBA from Georgetown University. Her culminating thesis for the McCourt School of Public Policy focused on the relationship between equity crowdfunding and entrepreneurship rates for women and People of Color. In addition to launching Homemade in DC and The New Majority while at Georgetown, she was the Projects Co-Director of the McCourt Policy Innovation Lab focused on creating policy that serves and responds to the needs of communities within Wards 7 and 8, organized Georgetown Tech Policy Initiative’s first policy hackathon, and was honored as the McCourt School of Public Policy 2022 Whittington Scholar. To learn more about Homemade in DC and The New Majority, visit and