Nadia Muijrers

Nadia completed her MBA as a Fulbright Scholar and holds an MPhil in International Development from the University of Cambridge. She is a Certified Cross-Cultural Dialogue Facilitator and Goleman Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach.

Her specialties include organizational culture, social innovation, wellbeing, and emotional intelligence. She is fascinated by interpersonal and cross-cultural dynamics and has a passion for tackling people-centered problems. Her expertise lies at the intersection of business and social science. Before founding Alphard, she worked as an organizational change consultant with SHM Productions in London. Before that, her experience included investment banking and business advisory roles at EY, Bank ABC, and as an independent consultant in Bahrain and London. Past clients include Olayan Kimberly-Clarke, The East India Company, Tamkeen, GEW, Aion Digital, The Best You, and more.