Raha Saremi

Raha Saremi is an inventor and experienced polymer, fiber, and textile scientist specializing in circular fashion and sustainable and innovative textiles. She received her B.Sc. and M.Sc. in textile engineering in 2007 and 2009, respectively. Since completing her Ph.D. in textile, fiber, and polymer sciences in 2017, Raha has been working as a researcher and lab manager at the University of Georgia. She has developed innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable textile technologies for applications in the food packaging, cosmetic, medical, and textile industries. These technologies improve the sustainability and safety of consumer product manufacturing and eradicate environmental problems resulting from the textile industry, such as increased carbon dioxide, wastewater, and toxic chemical production. In her efforts to commercialize these products, Raha applied for and received grant funding and awards, as well as US patents, and founded a start-up company, EcoaTEX.

EcoaTEX develops biodegradable alternatives to fiber/yarn and animal/synthetic leathers from agricultural waste and nanomaterials to provide consumers with novel, sustainable options. Raha also holds three patents and has received several awards, including the Cade Prize for Creativity and Invention and the Elsevier Green and Sustainable Chemistry Challenge. To pursue her dream as an entrepreneur, she joined NSF I-Corps and The Engine: Blueprint Programs, and received an MBA in marketing and international business in 2022.