Robert Azeem Jackson III

Rob is an Afro-futurist and founder of Cypher LLC, whose mission is to build data and knowledge management systems with the intention bridge the digital divide faced by women-led and black owned businesses and communities. Programing is aimed at breaking isolation among groups and developing trust, then curiosity. Then building towards change. He owes his passion for technology and start-up to his time at Event Farm, a startup that specializes in human connection and experience. His father, the family entrepreneur, cursed him with a bit of a disposition; he’s a pioneer too and I see so much opportunity for good (work). Prior to founding Cypher Rob has spent the past decade serving as capacity builder and data storytelling building visualization, and leading adult facilitation; specifically as it relates to knowledge management, and non-profit data-driven culture development. He earned his bachelors from Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, Masters at Columbia in Learning Analytics, and is a Gates Millennium Scholar who continues to mentor fellow first generation college students.