Sashti Balasundaram

Sashti, founder of WeRadiate, has 15+ years of waste management, composting, and recycling. Sashti brings his inherent interest in farming and gardening to the forefront of soil amendment practices. He holds a Master’s in Public Health from Columbia University.  In 2009, Sashti was inspired by a community-run farm in India that was revitalizing its soils using onsite materials. The farm grew food from the compost they created which was then provided to the ashram “monastery” to feed residents and visitors. Sashti continued investigating and exploring solutions to improve soil health. He realized the lack of awareness, systems thinking, and data across the sector. There he connected with residents and with small- and medium-sized compost operators to gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between organic waste recycling, municipal regulations, and community composting. He founded WeRadiate to continue innovating in this field. Sashti has won awards including Grow-NY, Food and Agriculture competition, and is involved with incubator programs such as LaunchNY, Scale for Climate Tech, NYSERDA, and Wild Gift Fellowship.