Yegor Podgorsky

Yegor Podgorsky is the CO-founder and CTO of ARMR Systems. Born in Ukraine, Yegor attended the Georgia Institute of Technology and graduated a Biomedical Engineer. He has gone into his education with the drive to design and develop, but also to create something substantial and meaningful, a starting point for his medical career. During his time as an undergraduate, Yegor worked as a design engineer at a mechanical engineering and design firm local to Atlanta, where he gained a breadth of experience across several different industries, from military to medical.

Yegor performed research at Georgia Tech’s Cardiovascular Fluid Mechanics lab, where he was instrumental in the methodology and design of several patented devices within the cardiovascular space. At ARMR, Yegor gets to apply himself to a technology that can save lives in the most difficult and extreme settings, a pursuit that defines what “Biomedical Engineer” means to him.

Yegor is no longer with ARMR Systems.