Yossuf Albanawi

Yossuf Albanawi is the Co-Founder and CEO of Pilleve, a company that helps care providers prevent the long terms costs associated with opioid misuse and addiction. Yossuf has worked with various non-profits and companies such as Synergos Consulting, a global consulting firm that addresses complex social problems and fosters support for social entrepreneurs.

During his time Wake Forest University, Yossuf was the Director of Hospitality for TEDx, an annual conference that promotes technology and entrepreneurship. He was also a member of the deacon springboard, an entrepreneurial organization that helps students develop their ideas.

Yossuf is an active volunteer and focuses most of his efforts on rehab facilities and community run clinics. He is a member of the opioid task force, a committee of community leaders that aim to curtail the effects of the opioid epidemic. He also spent a year serving as a volunteer at a local rehab center.  Yossuf is an avid runner, cyclist, and painter. He speaks 3 languages that include English, Arabic, and Spanish.