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Halcyon Angels believes that impact-driven businesses outperform. We are a network of angel investors committed to learning – and teaching one another about – how to fuel the growth of early-stage impact-focused ventures.

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Halcyon House


The region’s leading impact angel investors gather every other month for dinner to hear pitches from a curated group of the most promising impact-driven businesses.

Halcyon Angels’ philosophy is that businesses that build impact into their DNA can leverage that orientation to gain and maintain competitive advantages, attract and retain great talent, and provide unique value to clients, partners, and ultimately potential acquirers. We are sector agnostic.

We convene the region’s leading impact angel investors every other month. Members learn about the investment process and hear pitches from a curated group of the most promising impact-driven businesses. The network’s own diverse makeup informs investment decisions, with members further learning from one another’s expertise.

Halcyon Angels members invest as individuals. Members collaborate on due diligence but make individual investment decisions based on a thorough review of all information, including meeting and speaking with the company’s founding team. Investments are then managed by Halcyon Angels.



Halcyon Angels is a group of active investors. We seek prospective members who share our view that impact-driven businesses outperform, and will be actively involved in sourcing, selecting, funding, and mentoring the most promising ventures.

Founding Members

Our founding members bring diverse backgrounds and experiences to bear in sourcing, evaluating, funding, and building great companies, with the goal of building community and educational opportunities around social entrepreneurship. They share a vision of the power of creating financial returns through impact-driven business.

Membership Criteria

Accredited investors

Members must be accredited investors as defined by the SEC.

Committed to Impact

Members should believe, as we do, that impact-driven businesses make for responsible and rewarding investments, both fiscally and socially.

Active Angels

Halcyon Angels is an active group. Members should intend to participate in at least one Halcyon Angels deal per year.

Engaged Experts

Members are willing to bring their own expertise to the network in support of both fellow members and entrepreneurs.

Interested in joining?

If you are an accredited investor interested in being considered for membership, please complete this form.

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Halcyon Angels endeavor to add value for entrepreneurs by bringing more than just capital to the table. Members leverage their diverse experiences and backgrounds when evaluating and investing in impact-driven companies to help portfolio companies grow and succeed.

Investment Criteria


We are looking for products that address significant problems – demonstrable pain points experienced by individuals or organizations – and provide must-have solutions for significantly large addressable target markets. The company must demonstrate a strategy to claim a reasonable share of this market.


We look for entrepreneurial teams with a track record that matches their passion. Entrepreneurs must have a deep understanding of their market, an ability to inspire key stakeholders, and the flexibility to learn from their customers and receive input from Halcyon Angels members.

Competitive Positioning

We look for companies that have and leverage an advantage in the marketplace. We believe that impact-driven businesses generate competitive advantage by virtue of their impact orientation, and we’re also looking for specific competitive advantages that will provide long-term protectable market positions.


We understand that early-stage company projections generally do not materialize exactly as planned. We’re looking for well thought out and reasonable financial plans that have clear evidence-backed assumptions; demonstrable, clear drivers; and projections that will withstand the inevitable bumps and shifts early-stage companies experience.


We want to see that customers value the solution enough to pay for it and use it.


While we’re sector agnostic, we want to see that impact is baked into the company’s DNA: when the business model works, it creates impact; when the company creates impact, the business model works.

2023 Meeting Dates

February 16

April 20

June 8

September 21

November 9


For any questions about the Halcyon Angels, or inquiries related to applying for funding or joining the Halcyon Angels, please contact p.vanduinen@halcyonhouse.org.