Max Peterson Headshot

Max Peterson, Vice President for Worldwide Public Sector, AWS

Max Peterson is a technology problem solver, business leader and entrepreneur with 30 years of experience delivering successful cutting-edge technology solutions for government, healthcare, education and not-for-profits. He has been successful by following a customer first philosophy in building and growing customer relationships and by being a people developer with the managers and professionals he’s worked with on his teams.

Max has a passion for working on the bleeding edge of technology because of the enormous potential that exists here. He loves the challenge of unlocking and delivering the solution that enables public sector agencies to be on the leading – not bleeding – edge. Why? Because Max believes that technology can help our governments and educational institutions work smarter and less expensively, and that’s good for all of us.

Throughout his career, Max has helped businesses understand government and government understand technology. Organizations he has worked for include IBM, Dell, Semaphore, Commerce One, GTSI, CDW-G, and now AWS.