Korion Health

The dream of Korion Health is to provide a toolkit of digital health devices that enable patients to conduct basic health examinations from the convenience and comfort of their own home. Their first product, an electronic stethoscope, is focused on improving access to heart screenings. Heart disease is the #1 killer in the world, yet according to the World Health Organization, up to 80% of these deaths could be prevented through early detection and disease management. However, many patients face barriers to physically making it into a doctor’s office to get screenings. Telemedicine has potential to bridge many of these gaps, yet the inability to perform a physical exam from home dramatically reduces its effectiveness. Korion Health’s affordable and intuitive electronic stethoscope + guided user interface is ultra patient-focused and addresses these issues by allowing anyone to get heart and lung sound screenings on their own convenience, even if they don’t have a medical background.