LyfPlus Limited

Tanzania has among the lowest number of doctors per unit population in the world of 1:10,000, and as a result 20 million patients experience poor accessibility to healthcare each year. On average, patients travel 80 Kilometers to access specialist consultation, spend 5-7 days to book appointments and 6-8 hours longer waiting times in hospitals. For patients with chronic conditions or undergoing long-term treatment, regular hospital visitation means extra traveling costs on consultation, checkup and drugs prescriptions. These larger costs and lengthy waiting times lead to quicker disease progression contributing to 1.6 million deaths of curable diseases annually.

As a solution, LyfPlus is a telemedicine platform that integrates virtual physician consultation, medical testing, and e-prescription, allowing patients to access essential medical services instantly and conveniently. The web and mobile application covers all aspects of the patient journey, allowing patients to find doctors based on specialty, distance, and price-range and book consultation appointments and medical tests. With 183 specialist doctors onboarded and 36 health facility partnerships, LyfPlus is able to provide continuity of obstetric care to pregnant women throughout their pregnancy combating the current high maternal mortalities, save 5-7 days of appointments booking time for patients, and reduce cost for physician consultation by $20.