Mehan Houra

Mehan Houra is a one-stop shop for construction trades work. We provide a product delivered straight to your door with the support of our experts in their fields. Mehan Houra’s mobile application creates a marketplace for construction materials and tools. Through the mobile application, customers can access a contractor network to help them save time in the construction process. Mehan Houra also works with PinkPRO; a female contractor’s network that provides equal access to employment for women in the informal sector. Additionally, Mehan Houra supports Do-it-yourself (DIY) for clients by providing additional access to equipment that is easily accessible on the Mehan Houra Application.

Mehan Houra launched in 2022 in Algeria and currently has 2500 handypersons subscribed 2000 clients, and 3500 connections made. We encourage you to contact us to build incredible job opportunities for handymen and handywomen in Africa.