MyTindy is an inclusive AI-powered marketplace that enables local artisans to sell their handicrafts to global audiences. The virtual platform aims to disrupt the online trade of artisanal handicrafts on two levels.

Firstly, it seeks to empower artisans to easily list and sell their products to national and international markets using their smartphones without needing to learn how to read and write. Secondly, it seeks to enable artisans to directly sell their products to consumers, thus increasing their profits and eliminating the need for exploitative intermediaries.

Since its launch in 2019, MyTindy has built a strong track record in the global startup ecosystem. In addition, to winning various regional, continental, and international awards, it has also been selected to join multiple prestigious incubation programs. In 2021, MyTindy was the only Moroccan startup selected to participate in the Google for Startups incubation program. Aida also distinguished herself this year by winning the Women in Tech Startup Award and the opportunity to participate in EY’s Winning Women Entrepreneur program.

MyTindy is well on its way to empowering talented artisans throughout the Middle East and Africa to sell their products to more national and international markets. Aida’s ultimate vision is to build a global platform that celebrates the handicrafts and cultures of different countries while uplifting the artists and their communities.