Nessle is a highly responsive web application that caters to both sides of the parent support marketplace. Recognizing the urgent need to address the maternity health crisis in the US, Nessle embraces telehealth as a natural solution. By leveraging this technology, they aim to enhance accessibility and affordability of quality care for expectant parents.

Telehealth not only facilitates easier access for parents, but it also offers greater flexibility for experts providing care. With the ability to work on less demanding schedules and eliminate commuting, healthcare professionals can better cater to the needs of their patients. Despite these advantages, there remains a significant gap in optimized perinatal health programs that are both financially viable for the US government and municipal governments, particularly in rural areas or regions with limited access to quality maternal health care.

Nessle has already established a successful platform serving parents who can afford self-pay options. However, their mission extends beyond this group, and they are determined to find an effective approach to deliver their model to parents who may not have the means to afford self-pay services.

Through innovative solutions and a commitment to inclusivity, Nessle is dedicated to transforming the landscape of perinatal health care and creating a future where every parent has access to the support they need for a healthy and positive journey into parenthood.