Royelles - Gaming For Girls

Royelles believes that all our kids deserve to be bold, fearLESS and undaunted architects of their destinies. This is what drives their high-impact mission: To ignite the next generation of trailblazers, ceiling smashers and disruptors in STEAM. Their mobile-app based learning adventures for 6-12 year olds, are powered by immersive technologies (AR/AI/Voice) and anchored in the fiercest female avatar personas and real-life STEAM super(s)heros. They’re tackling the global identity/mental health/self esteem crisis that is disproportionately impacting girls, particularly those from underserved communities. They’re also doing our part to build a safe, inclusive metaverse that creates value for gamers beyond entertainment – inspiring them to be bold, fearless, undaunted architects of their destinies. Royelles mobile app-based learning adventures are focused on igniting Girls’ greatest potential. They’re also playing a critical role in dismantling negative stereotypes; driving more Girls towards lucrative STEAM career paths; building a pipeline of top talent to diversify global workforces; which in turn will help narrow the gender pay gap and enhance women’s economic security. Importantly as a woman/BiPOC-owned and led company, they’re helping mitigate biases in our field and in the products and services the Gaming and EdTech industries produce.