TANTV is a digital media startup (site & app) that produces smart journalism on Africans and multicultural diaspora. With the aim to inform, inspire and entertain, their audience is a (paid) subscribers/user base who are driving part of the diaspora’s affluent intelligentsia—sophisticated in tastes and motivated for success to represent their home nationality proudly. They are driven, smart, fashionable change-makers, innovators, business professionals, creatives, and futurists who have come to understand their roots and are proud of their heritage, now more than ever before. TANTV works with businesses (B2B) as advertising partners to market their brands to this growing world-class diverse and niche audience. Their business aims to document the booming diaspora experience and culture where entertainment, lifestyle, politics, culture, activism, and global citizenship are all of relevance in a way never before seen. TANTV serves as a chronicler of the African diaspora culture in America and across the world using TV formats of production and other multimedia formats to powerfully tell these stories.