Third Eye Solution

Third Eye collects manufacturing production data and turns it into tangible value. The Third Eye solution is an end-to-end solution that consists of the Third Eye data collection hardware and the web based Third Eye Application. You can collect data from anywhere in your factory, use their built-in analytics and make your production more efficient and profitable to make the production smarter for industry 4.0 using the same old machines system in the current production line. Third Eye collects data from sensors (e.g. number of units produced, temperature of materials, and more) and sends it to the secure cloud server directly via a secured M2M provider network. The Third Eye application analyzes and visualizes the data in the cloud, and you can see the data on a secure web-based user interface from your smartphone, tablet, and PC in real-time. Third Eye then tracks the machine’s stops or stop causes, downtimes, performance or OEE, batches, and shifts productivity, and it will help manufacturers to make a more efficient growth/maintenance plan for productions lines.