Humanscape is blockchain technology which allows for patients to retain control and authority over their own health data and improve overall health care and treatment throughout the health system. Rgwie technology will allow for 350 million people suffering from rare diseases to be able to track their health and search for better treatments and cures. People’s health data should not be monopolized by a few but must be safely controlled and utilized in transparent manner for the public interest. Patients’ health data has been in the hands of the third parties who try to monopolize and commercialize it. Thus, it was nearly impossible for patients to know to what extent their health record is collected, who needs it and how it is used. However, on blockchain that provides transparent environment in data usage, anyone can look up the transactions of data and ultimately patients can retain control and authority over their own health data. Moreover, by incentivizing patients in return for their creation of intellectual contents or provision of health information, patients receive fair compensation. And this economic reward helps alleviating financial burdens like medical costs.