Nairobi Climate Hub

Halcyon, in partnership with the Office of Global Partnerships of the U.S. Department of State, launched a Coalition for Climate Entrepreneurship (CCE) Hub in Nairobi, Kenya in November 2023.

The Nairobi Climate Hub is implemented by Halcyon in partnership with SNDBX International, a Nairobi-based investment and consultancy firm, and the Chandaria Business Innovation and Incubation Center at Kenyatta University. The focus of the climate hub is to empower and invest in African entrepreneurs whose ventures address pressing climate challenges through innovative solutions in clean energy, sustainable agriculture, climate finance, climate resilience, and more.

The program will be implemented in two distinct but interrelated projects—one Sub-Saharan Africa program and one Kenya-specific program. Founders coming to the Climate Hub will receive training on investment readiness, product-market fit, and leadership, as well as access to technical support and credits from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and legal support from a leading global law firm. They will also be connected to a network of climate-focused early-stage investors and mentors.

Through the Nairobi Climate Hub, we will be furthering our mission of accelerating the impact-driven future of business, scaling our support of African founders who are building climate solutions, and disseminating those learnings to others who are going to go and do the same. That's the really exciting part of this partnership.

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