Halcyon Board

Halcyon is lucky to have an unparalleled board of directors, whose guidance not only ensures our long term sustainability as an organization, but helps unlock increasingly exciting opportunities, partnerships, and connections that advance our work and the work of our fellows.

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Michelle Freeman, Halcyon Awards

Board of Directors

Honorary Board

Board Alumni

Dr. Sachiko Kuno, Ph.D.

Co-Founder and Chair Emeritus of Halcyon

Ami Aronson

Mary Ann Best

Teresa Carlson

Chris Denby

Elisebeth Driscoll

Max Duckworth

Michelle DiFebo Freeman

Samuel Gottesman

Sheila Johnson

Matt Kelly

Frank LaPrade

Kevin Lavin

Mark McFadden

Jodie McLean

Carol A. Melton

Rashad Moore

Rashad Moore

Tim Owens

Micky Pant Headshot

Micky Pant

Vicki Sant

Courtney Straus

Silvia Taylor

Cathy Tinsley

Mitch Weintraub