SEER Report

Between 2016 and 2019, Halcyon produced three volumes of the Social Enterprise Ecosystem Report. The report is made up of survey data from hundreds of social entrepreneurs, as well as publicly available data used to rank the top cities in the U.S. based on four categories: funding, human capital, quality of life, and support systems.

The three volumes of the report tell the story of social enterprise as an increasingly mainstream part of the business world. They incorporate founders’ own words around the resources they have access to (or don’t), the communities they live in, and the policies surrounding social enterprise in their city or state. Each report is supplemented with expert insights that speak to the broader context around the evolving social enterprise ecosystem.

Thank you to the Bush Foundation for supporting this research.

SEER Report Volume I

“The momentum social entrepreneurs have created over the past 10 years has opened a new dialogue about social enterprise. We have moved beyond a debate over the false choice between purpose and profit and into an economy where purpose and profit are mutually reinforcing.”

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SEER Report Volume II

“For all the buzz around social enterprise, the field has quite a ways to go to adequately support the founders building the next generation of solutions.”

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SEER Report Volume III

“Social enterprise is moving forward. Some of the top performing companies, like Beyond Meat and their record-breaking IPO this year, are social enterprises. Universities are rushing to add programs to support the growing wave of students demanding social entrepreneurship programming. Cities are rapidly expanding their support systems for founders.”

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