Halcyon Dialogue

Halcyon has always had a knack for bringing together different kinds of partners – large institutions and freelance thinkers, government agencies and independent artists. The Halcyon Dialogue really exemplified that kind of collaboration, convening experts from a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives to discuss big 21st century issues, then challenging them to produce documentation of their discussion.

While we don’t formally host the Halcyon Dialogue anymore, convening surprising groups to create rich discussions is still in our DNA, reaching across our social enterprise and arts programming.

Halcyon Dialogue

Halcyon Principles for Connected Intelligent Technologies

For our final dialogue, Halcyon challenged experts to envision a framework for responsible technology – a sort of constitution companies could agree to, thereby ensuring an ethical approach to everything from privacy issues and data management to artificial intelligence. We’re honored that they named their publication the “Halcyon Principles.”

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Shaping Robotics Policy for the 21st Century

With the field of robotics poised for explosive growth and intelligent autonomous systems promising to fundamentally alter the human experience, Halcyon partnered with the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) to produce actionable recommendations around the adoption of robotic systems.

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