Skoll World Forum Ecosystem Event

The Future of Business Lies with Impact Driven Ventures


As the calls for a more sustainable and equitable future grow louder, it’s clear that the way we do business will needs to radically shift. And markets are paying attention. Billions of dollars are flowing into ESG investments. Impact driven startups like Esusu and Betterfly have achieved unicorn status. Not only are these trends making it clear that businesses can do well by doing good, but that they must do so if they are to meet the challenges of the 21st century and the demands of customers and investors.
But how do we unlock the potential of the millions of ideas waiting in the wings to sustainably solve the world’s most critical challenges? Join Halcyon –  a leading social enterprise incubator supporting entrepreneurs across the globe – in a discussion about how we can develop thriving ecosystems that support a world in which every business has impact at its core.


Dahna Goldstein, Chief Investment Officer, Halcyon
Tunde Kehinde, CEO Lidya
Preeti Bhattacharji, Head of Sustainable Investing, US Private Bank, JP Morgan
Dan Barker, Managing Director, Halcyon