Abdelrazek Aly

Born in Egypt and raised in Qatar, Abdelrazek Aly’s early life was a rich tapestry of cultural diversity and learning. This unique upbringing fueled his ambition to make a lasting impact on the world. His journey into entrepreneurship began following a car accident, which led him to the special needs center at his university. It was there that Abdelrazek’s path crossed with the blind community, sparking a life-changing realization about the challenges they faced. With his background in computer science, he blended his technical expertise with a newfound passion for inclusivity to create Bonocle — a revolutionary platform that has transformed Braille literacy and gaming for the blind community. Recognized on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for his significant contributions to inclusion, Aly continues to lead and inspire in the field, dedicated to making technology accessible and beneficial for all.