Abhisri Ramesh

Abhisri Ramesh, currently an M.D. candidate at George Washington School of Medicine, stands at the intersection of medicine, technology, and entrepreneurship. Engaging in the Clinical Innovation and Entrepreneurship Track at GWU, she dedicates her time and expertise to contribute significantly to the mission of MediMint.

With a background as an IT Automation Engineer and Software Developer at Veritiv’s Life Science Division, Abhisri brings technical proficiency to her role. As a Radiology Research Fellow at the Jacobs School of Medicine, she developed computer applications and algorithms, presenting her work at esteemed conferences such as the American College of Surgery, International Society of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and American Association for Cancer Research.

Abhisri’s dual experiences in software engineering and radiology make her an invaluable asset to MediMint. Her integral role in the feasibility study and previous stint as a Venture Capital Fellow at DigitalDx underline her pivotal contributions, helping establish key partnerships within the healthcare space.

Abhisri’s multifaceted skill set encompassing medicine, technology, and venture capital, positions her as a natural fit for MediMint’s mission. Her commitment to healthcare innovation and her role as a key research assistant highlight her dedication to transforming medical image sharing for a more efficient and patient-centric future.