Adedayo Fashanu Headshot

Adedayo Fashanu

Adedayo Fashanu is a media entrepreneur with a background in journalism and TV production. She is the founder & C.E.O of The African Network TV (TANTV), a digital platform dedicated to smart journalism around the African/multicultural and immigrant diaspora.

Adedayo was previously a guest contributor for Forbes U30 and a seasoned contributor for HuffPost where she profiled African/multicultural change-makers and business owners. As a Nigerian who immigrated to the U.S at the age of fifteen, Adedayo’s immigrant identity and experience shapes who she is today as a founder. Adedayo has been featured on Brightest young things DC, the Africanist podcast, Ten Thousand African podcast, Inside a Great mind, Dear Diaspora and more.

She has covered the White House, United Nations General Assemblies, and the World Bank. An advocate of the UN Sustainable Development Goals she is a change maker who continues to champion sustainability through media. She founded TANTV to tell socially impactful stories that increases positive representation of Africans and immigrants in the U.S diaspora.  Adedayo is an award-winning TV producer. In 2019, she won the Community Access (CA) awards, best new show category, for producing Africa’s Triumph. Africa’s Triumph airs on Prince George’s Community Television-PGCTV Comcast 76/Verizon 42.  Adedayo continues to build TANTV as a burgeoning television network business based in the Washington Metropolitan area. TANTV is a member of the Prince Georges County Economic Development Center, Innovation Station program.  Adedayo believes in the power of new media technologies to drive social-impact storytelling.