Aixa Elgazwe

Aixa Elgazwe, a seasoned and accomplished entrepreneur, embarked on the creation of Runwei™ after a poignant peer group meeting where she discovered the intricate and exasperating process of researching and applying for non-debt and non-equity capital and resources. Recognizing this as a systemic challenge faced by many socially and economically disadvantaged entrepreneurs, she resolved to address the issue head-on. Prior to launching Runwei™, Aixa co-founded TrustFundRegistry™, a groundbreaking gift registry platform aimed at empowering BIPOC families in building and transferring intergenerational wealth, forging pathways to opportunity in the ever-evolving technology landscape. A trailblazer in her field, Aixa’s endeavors have garnered well-deserved recognition. In 2023, she earned a coveted spot as one of only 12 participants invited to join the esteemed New York City Economic Development Corporation Founders Fellowship for the Tech Incubator at Queens College cohort. Prior to this, in 2022, Aixa was selected to participate in the prestigious Techstars Founder Catalyst program, solidifying her status as a driving force in the realm of entrepreneurship. Adding to her accolades, she received a grant from the esteemed Visible Hands VC, VHLX Fellowship, further amplifying her commitment to innovation and social impact. Beyond her entrepreneurial prowess, Aixa possesses the distinguished designation of being a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), infusing her ventures with a well-honed strategic vision and meticulous execution. With her unwavering determination and dedication to uplifting marginalized entrepreneurs, Aixa continues to shape the landscape of the business world, blending innovation and social responsibility in her remarkable pursuits.