Akshaya Anand

Akshaya is an innovator at the intersection of health and technology. As the Co-Founder of Korion Health, she aims to develop impactful digital health tools that are affordable and delightful to use. In her two-year journey since founding Korion, Akshaya has led technological innovation, ensuring that product development aligns with business objectives, maintaining security and compliance, and providing strategic technical leadership to propel the company forward in the dynamic digital health landscape.

Recognized for her dedication to healthcare, Akshaya has received several accolades, including the NIH IRTA Fellowship, Terp Startup Fellowship, Halcyon Fellowship, and awards from the Johns Hopkins Healthcare Design Challenge, Terp Startup Accelerator Demo Day pitch competition, and various hackathons.

In her spare time, Akshaya finds joy in teaching and performing various forms of dance. With over two decades of experience in Bharatanatyam (Indian Classical dance) and a passion for Salsa, she brings a unique blend of creativity and discipline to both her professional and personal endeavors.