Cyprian Moses

Cyprian Makongoro is a Founder and CEO of Tibalabs Company Limited.

In 2021, Cyprian founded Tibalabs which has a web based application called KINGA that helps people commit to healthy lifestyle and stay accountable but also the company has innovated various medical equipment such as a phototherapy and an incubator both for premature babies. The startup aims to democratize access to quality healthcare.

Previously, Cyprian was the Deputy General Secretary for the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport which is based in London, UK over the years and was also a Commercial Contractor for DHL Tanzania which he realized the need for work-life-balance and healthy lifestyle hence he discovered his passion in healthcare and ventured to found TIBALABS.

He recently helped TIBALABS secure a grant funding program called FUNGUO which is given by The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and other partner organizations. He also helped TIBALABS secure funding from Segal Family Foundation.