David Brenner

David is co-founder and CTO of Thimble. In this role, he uses his technical strengths to design and develop Thimble’s core product: its hardware kits, software learning app, and learning content. He also provides guidance for company strategy, hiring decisions, and fundraising efforts. In addition, he serves as Thimble’s operations manager, overseeing the planning, scheduling, contract vendors, and product development. He graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in computer engineering, where he also attended graduate school. He has previously worked for Microwave Data Systems (GE MDS), Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Intel, Sun Microsystems, and IBM. His work experience focused primarily on computer architecture, digital ASIC design, and pre-silicon functional verification. David has been interested in electronics, computers, and technology since a very young age. He grew up with the maker movement and has a deep understanding of the market, its values, its needs, and its culture. After meeting Oscar to discuss opportunities for Gradfly, David pitched his idea for a project-based maker subscription box, which became the initial core business for Thimble.

David is no longer with Thimble.