David Hojah

David Hojah is the founder and CEO of Parrots Inc. David has been a trailblazing innovator since childhood, seamlessly merging the realms of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, MedTech, and Robotics. With a solid academic foundation from Harvard University in Mechanical Engineering and Health Management, David is fervently driven by social impact and the mission to empower individuals with physical challenges. His deep expertise has been instrumental in spearheading transformative advancements in Digital Health, Neurotech, and the medical device landscape.

From inventing games for kids with chronic conditions, adaptable dental instruments, and reimagining the wheelchair to pioneering medical drones for emergencies and creating socially assistive platforms for the disabled, David’s work is at the forefront of the MedTech revolution. His autonomous personal transporter has transformed the lives of many by converting manual wheelchairs into electric ones, a testament to his commitment to enhancing independence and mobility.

Driven by personal experiences—the loss of his Aunt to MS and witnessing the challenges faced by friends and family with ALS and Alzheimer’s disease—David is unwavering in his mission to empower those with neurological disorders. His fervor extends beyond MedTech, with a deep-rooted passion for education, the environment, and sustainable healthcare solutions.

The world has taken note of David’s unparalleled contributions; he has been recognized by renowned institutions, awards, and media houses, including MIT, MassChalnnge, Harvard Innovation Lab, Microsoft, Amazon, TechCrunch, Wired, McKinsey, the Global Good fund, CES, Wireless Foundation and many more.

But beyond the accolades and inventions, at the heart of it all is David’s genuine love for nature, embodied by his affinity for birds. The wisdom of the owl, the freedom of the falcon, and the resilience of the penguin resonate with his vision for the disabled community – to soar beyond limitations and achieve boundless potential.