Dennis Mujuni Headshot

Dennis Mujuni

Dennis Mujuni is a Biomedical Laboratory Scientist and the Co-Founder and Director of Life the Science division at GENLAB Solutions International Limited. Dennis derives pleasure from seeing his work convert into actual benefits throughout the patient care cascade. Dennis’ contributions are most visible in his role in the conception and development of MutHub, an integrated disease genomics tool for converting large data from bacterial DNA and viral RNA into precision medicine and precision public health in Africa.

Dennis has a special zeal for sharing his knowledge with others, and he always sees opportunities in challenges, as evidenced by his involvement in a variety of activities related to capacity building, mentorship, research, and laboratory system strengthening, among others, all of which aim to improve the lives of people living on a few dollars per day in Africa’s Sub-Saharan region. When Dennis is not working, he enjoys music, travel, soccer, and athletics.