Gautham Pasupuleti

Gautham Pasupuleti is the CEO & Managing Director of Biodesign Innovation Labs. Gautham leads a team of Engineers, Researchers, Doctors, Designers, Domain experts and public health professionals as part of development of innovative and affordable life saving respiratory care, emergency care, intensive care/critical care and post operative care medical devices that can save lives for patients with respiratory illnesses. He was instrumental in successfully translating their company’s research and development of intensive care medical devices innovations into successful commercialization.

Previously, he was a researcher at MIT Media Lab Initiatives in developing Ophthalmology devices in collaboration with LVPEI Eye hospital and publishing their work in AI based technologies for eye care and early cancer detection. During this period of time, he also founded a startup called CornealX, an AI based eye care startup which is now part of Biodesign Innovation Labs for developing AI based tech for healthcare applications. Gautham Pasupuleti received many awards such as Forbes India Ultimate 120 Pioneers of Change, CCAMP BIRAC COVID Fund, Innovation Commercialization Fund, Northeastern University’s Gap Funding and CISCO Global Problem Solver Challenge Winner of Pandemic Response Prize $50,000 USD for their work during the COVID Pandemic. His vision and mission in his capacity as the founder of Biodesign Innovation Labs is to impact positively billions of people globally with life saving technologies.