Harish Bikmal

Harish Bikmal is entrepreneurial, creative, and mission-driven. He built and launched new products at startups and large companies, generating new revenue. He has made an artificial intelligence-based product that produces Behavior Plans in one hour for people with Autism. Harish translated the company vision and developed a new enterprise-wide program at CVS Health to improve patient safety and save over $100 million per year. Moreover, he built partnerships and led cross-functional teams. As a result, he turned around programs using the levers of people, process, and technology – cut costs, saved time, and improved service. He led operational excellence at Manulife, reducing core process time from 60 days to four days. Harish is passionate about changing special needs individuals’ lives by combining healthcare knowledge, business acumen, and technology. He is the father of a 19-year-old with severe Autism.