Jeffrey Prost-Greene

Jeffrey Prost-Greene is a D.C. native, social innovator, and next-gen who is the co-founder of Up Top Acres (UTA), D.C.’s first commercial rooftop farming enterprise that established one of the largest networks of rooftop farms in the country. He has spent the last few years immersed in urban agriculture, green roof construction, and eco entrepreneurship. Prior to founding UTA, Jeffrey worked installing green roofs for a leading green roof company in the area and managed one of D.C.’s largest urban farms. Jeffrey also served as a Sustainable DC ambassador, working with communities and businesses to make D.C. one of the healthiest, greenest, most livable cities in the world. In co-founding Up Top Acres, he successfully lobbied the City Council to pass the country’s first-ever tax credit legislation for rooftop agriculture, while also building cross-sectoral coalitions with local and state governments and industry stakeholders to advance agricultural and climate solutions through public policy.

Jeffrey is no longer with Up Top Acres.