Juan Diaz Headshot

Juan Diaz

Juan Diaz has always loved to solve problems and help people – starting when he was a kid in Colombia, where he and his friends would take apart old electronics or tinker with their toys.  After moving to the United States with his family, he attended a technical high school for automotive mechanics because he wanted to work with his hands to keep solving problems. It was during this time that he started to develop a strong sense of social responsibility and a love for creating things that helped others, so he started to lead various student organizations.  Realizing his love of physics and creating things, he decided to pursue an engineering degree and graduated from MIT with a major in Mechanical engineering and a minor in Political Science.  While at MIT, he remained focused on how he could help others, and received the Priscilla King Gray award for public service because of his commitment volunteering with student groups focused on creating value for others.  It was during this time that he also developed a strong desire to understand the larger problems that were facing the country, so he minored in Political Science. With a desire to apply his technical skills to help his country, he moved to Washington D.C. a decade ago to work for a large federal consulting company where he grew his team from a handful of people to sixteen members and led them in operating a complex government website infrastructure that has helped millions of Americans.  Inspired by his father who has worked in construction for the past 20 years, Juan is now working to apply his experience to help reduce construction waste and capture the value lost during the demolition and remodeling of buildings. He is passionate about maintaining healthy environments and people. Juan thrives in solving tough problems, strengthening relationships, and leading diverse, efficient, and creative teams that can work across various disciplines to reach their goals. He lives in Washington D.C. with his wife, his new son, and their dog and cat.  He enjoys spending his spare time outdoors rock climbing, cycling, or sharing a nice afternoon with friends in the park.