Julio Lavalle

Julio’s mission is to apply his passion for behavioral science, scalable technologies, and finances at work to build the next generation of digital financial services. Julio seeks to contribute to the monumental task of helping 1.7B citizens around the world who are out of the formal financial system. He wants them to be able to improve the quality of their lives and overcome their lack of access and financial management knowledge.

Having dedicated the last 10 years to applying user-centered, participatory design and co-design methodologies to build low-cost high-impact solutions in a dozen countries, Julio has led the development of innovative mobile app-based startups that promote access to formal financial services and digital financial identity in Peru and Brazil. Julio is also an MIT’s D-Lab’s Scale Up’s Fellow where he focuses on bringing together academia and on-the-field work to gain insights for informed product development and public policy advice.