Kelly Lakshmi

Kelly, a seasoned leader in digital transformation and technology, holds a Masters in Computer Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Her academic pursuits at Georgia Tech encompassed diverse research projects in cryptography, computer security, and sustainability, forming the basis of her senior thesis. Complementing her academic foundation, Kelly earned certifications as a Stanford Digital Transformation Leader, Connected Manager from Harvard Business School, and Level 2 Engagement Manager from Capgemini.

Post-graduation, Kelly founded iContech Group, propelling the company to surpass $1 million in annual recurring revenue within two years. Serving a varied clientele including Phoenix Healthcare, BellSouth, GTE/Verizon communication, Ford Motors, and J&M Smucker Company, etc., she led pioneering projects in voice and speech products like iSurveyor and iCON Voice Portal during the early 2000s.

With over 20 years in the industry, Kelly spearheaded digital transformation initiatives at prominent brands such as Coca-Cola, US Bank, and Capgemini, overseeing projects worth over $100 million. Her tenure at Capgemini, particularly in the Capgemini Research Institute, broadened her perspective on Web3.0 and blockchain technology, inspiring her to explore applications beyond cryptocurrencies.

This exploration led to the founding of MediMint, where Kelly, along with key members, delved into the extensive applications of Web3.0 technologies. Her recent focus involves consulting for startups in the Web3.0 space, culminating in the design and architecture of MediMint.