Kelvin Odoobo Headshot

Kelvin Odoobo

Kelvin is the Founder & CEO of Shambapro. He was inspired to start Shambapro after facing years of frustrations by small-scale farmers across Africa over poor access to financing limiting their access to quality seeds, fertilizers, and other farm inputs.  As a young agronomist in Uganda’s Balton CP’s business, he was selected by the British multinational to set up and manage a new business portfolio of farm inputs, equipment, and projects in Rwanda & Burundi markets. He later helped scale The Hive, a Kenyan beekeeping startup to Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan and Malawi and supported H2O Venture Partners in building Ingabo Plant Health, a Rwandan social enterprise that enables farmers to increase crop yields and farm incomes. Kelvin is a Food Entrepreneurship Fellow at the Africa Food Fellowship and holds a BSc in Agriculture from Makerere University.